Tony Attended SID: Superman Is Dead Exhibition Last Night in LA

Thanks to Instagram’s brooklywood for sharing his photo of himself and other lucky fans meeting Tony (and Moby) last night at the SID: Superman Is Dead exhibition opening reception at Subliminal Projects gallery in LA. The exhibition features collaborative paintings, photographs and prints of, and inspired by, Sid Vicious’ tenure as the Sex Pistols’ bassist. Tony had tweeted from the event,which featured performances by Sex Pistols guitarist, co-founder and Vicious band mate Steve Jones; Generation X co-founder Billy Idol, who ran with early Pistols support gang the Bromley Contingent; Bow Wow Wow co-founder and early Adam & The Ants guitarist Leigh Gorman; and Blondie co-founder and Ramones and Iggy Pop drummer Clem Burke. We hope Tony had a blast!


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