Tom Updates His Personal Blog Again

As we mentioned a few weeks ago,Tom recently updated his personal website to include a link to a newer blog that features some updates not posted on his original guitar blog.Thanks to Kristen for the heads up,Tom has posted another update-he has apparantly been pedal-crazy lately!


Lately I’ve been a little pedal-crazy, which is natural when in the studio and spending too much time coming up with guitar tones. I just got some of these MXR custom shop models… the Phase 90 has been a staple for me, since like forever. But even so, in the early No Doubt days there was so much happening onstage with horns and keys that I kept my tone pretty much effectless. These days I’m really digging the color of pedals; phasers, flangers, trem, echoes… Funny how times and sounds change. Tom

Tom also added a link to his dashboard-it’s a really cool site where you can listen to the music Tom has been listening to-looks like he is really into Daft Punk,Lyyke Li and Adele right now! Tom also added a link the economic blog The Big Picture.

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