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From DumontGuitars:

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Photo via iPhone.
I have a mini guitar wall in my studio. When I was 11 years old my Dad brought me to Guitar Center in Santa Ana, CA and I gazed in wonder at the massive guitar wall. I got lucky with my music space and have a fair amount of vertical wall, so I went for it.

Top, left to right:
Green Hamer Standard with “Sea of Cortez” text, from Rock Steady tour. Mieke did the typography art on this one.
“Mexican Sun” Hamer Vector, 1999.
1978 Korina Ibanez Flying V. Word is that Ibanez was sued by Gibson for making this model…
“Arctic White” Special from 2009 tour.

Bottom row, left to right:
Hamer Monaco Elite “TV” finish with TV Jones pickups.
40’s Mahogany Martin 0-15, thanks to my cousin Carol for selling this to me.:-)
Hamer Newport with Fat Cat pickups.
Hamer bass, played on Matt Costa/Jack Johnson tour 2005.

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