TK-Era Gwen Magazine Scan

Thanks to Hannah for sharing a Tragic Kingdom-era scan from YM Magazine featuring a photo of Gwen and various quotes from her,Tom,Tony,Gavin and her mom. I think many fans may have seen it in the past,but it is a cool article.

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”I love make-up. I love getting my hair done. I’m the furthest thing from a rock chick.” Gwen

”There’s a natural tendency for the media to gravitate towards singers-particularly females-and if you’ve seen Gwen perform you can see that she deserves it. I think we’ve gotten used to it.” Tony

”Who would have thought this could happen to a dork band like us? I can’t believe this is my old loser band!” Gwen

”I was asked by my record label to help this band but I didn’t want to-I didn’t like No Doubt at all. But I met Gwen and I thought she was really cute so then I was like,good call.” Gavin

”When Gwen sings,there’s something magical about her.” Tom

”I was quite shocked that she put that in her act. I know it’s really common for young people,but I hated to see her accept it.” Gwen’s mom,on Gwen’s use of the F-word

”I get my jollies singing onstage. Sometimes I feel guilty,like maybe something’s wrong with me that I need that attention.” Gwen

”We never claimed to be saving the world-these are pop songs. But they are also songs from my life. So if you say they have no depth or meaning,it’s like,well,neither does my life.” Gwen

”I’m enjoying being a little chubby. I love life and if I want a rad slice of pizza,I’ll have it!” Gwen

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