The Best Celebrity Wax Figures Of 2010

waxmtv From MTV Buzzworthy:

This year, despite all the technological innovations available to us, with our Twitters and Facebooks and iPads and everything else, people still found it fascinating to stare at wax figures of their favorite celebrities.

I guess some things are just eternally interesting. Sunsets, baseball, cats and…celebrity wax figures. Especially when the real celebrity stands next to their own wax figure. This not only adds validity to the entire enterprise, but makes the wax figure that much more creepy.

Because that’s the thing with wax figures, right? Yeah, we’re interested in them because of how much they look like their real-life counterparts. But we’re also fascinated by the small details they get just wrong; the weird difference in Lady Gaga’s eyes or they way Taylor Swift’s cheekbones and jaw are just not quite right.

Below you can check out some photos from MTV’s incredible and slightly creepy Best Celebrity Wax Figures of 2010 photo gallery, featuring Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian and many more.

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