Tazy Phillips Recalls How Tom & Adrian Took Him to His 1st Sublime Show

The Slidebar in Fullerton,CA(which has awesome ND memorabilia and is a must-see for any fan taking the No Doubt Anaheim tour) has posted on its youtube channel a cool new video featuring Tazy Phillips of Ska Parade talking about Ska Parade’s 20th Anniversary and some of the bands that shaped the show and the Southern California ska scene in the early ’90s. At 1:07 he mentions No Doubt and Sublime and recalls how Tom and Adrian took him to his first Sublime show at Coconut Teaszer back in the day-Sublime later appeared on Ska Parade to perform what Tazy calls the best live set of their career;a couple of those performances were on the first Ska Parade compilation,which led to Sublime getting played on KROQ. For more information on Ska Parade,visit Ska Parade’s facebook page and website-the next 20th Anniversary event is happening at U.C. Riverside’s The Barn on November 9th.

Listen to some of ND’s performances on Ska Parade from 1994,thanks to Gloriane for uploading:

2 thoughts on “Tazy Phillips Recalls How Tom & Adrian Took Him to His 1st Sublime Show

  1. frisky kaunang says:

    Wow! I love how he mentions No Doubt is one of the bigger bands 🙂

  2. Tori says:

    Love the videos!!! Wish I could make it to the next Ska Parade show in November – I have good memories of shows at the Barn!!!! Thanks, Tazy, for keeping it alive for the past 20 years!!!


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