Target Deluxe Edition Push And Shove

From: Target will have an exclusive deluxe edition of Push And Shove! The sticker says:

Price is $14.99

New album featuring “Settle Down,” “One More Summer,” “Looking Hot” & “Easy”. PLUS 8 additional songs including an unreleased studio track, new acoustic versions and remixes

The tracklisting:
1. Settle Down 0:06:01
2. Looking Hot0:04:43
3. One More Summer 0:04:39
4. Push And Shove 0:05:07
5. Easy0:05:10
6. Gravity 0:04:25
7. Undercover 0:03:32
8. Undone 0:04:38
9. Sparkle 0:04:08
10. Heaven 0:04:06
11. Dreaming The Same Dream 0:05:27

Genre: Pop
Release Date: September 25, 2012

UPDATE: The band has revealed the 8 bonus tracks in a posting at! The acoustic tracks are versions of Settle Down,Looking Hot,One More Summer,and Easy;the remixes are the Jonas Quant Remix of Looking Hot as well as his remix of One More Summer,and Anthony Gorry’s remix of Push and Shove;the unreleased studio track is Stand and Deliver.

You can now pre-order a deluxe edition of Push And Shove available exclusively from The Target special edition contains eight bonus tracks including four acoustic tracks, three remixes and No Doubt’s cover of Adam and the Ants classic 1981 single “Stand and Deliver.”


1) Settle Down
2) Looking Hot
3) One More Summer
4) Push And Shove featuring Busy Signal and Major Lazer
5) Easy
6) Gravity
7) Undercover
8) Undone
9) Sparkle
10) Heaven
11) Dreaming The Same Dream

12) Stand and Deliver
13) Settle Down Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
14) Looking Hot Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
15) One More Summer Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
16) Easy Acoustic – Santa Monica Sessions
17) Looking Hot (Jonas Quant Remix)
18) One More Summer (Jonas Quant Remix)
19) Push And Shove (Anthony Gorry Remix)

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