Scans of ROS Crew Tour Book on Ebay

Thanks to SeriousDoubter on the No Doubt forum for sharing,he is selling a rare Return of Saturn Crew North America Tour Book on ebay-the books were used by the band and their tour staff and contains info for every show on the tour,as well as calendars, flight and hotel arrangements, sound check and show schedules,etc.The curent bid for the book is $19.99-the auction ends on January 8th.Good luck to anyone who is placing a bid;below are a few scans from the book-the rest can be viewed on the ebay auction page HERE.




This auction is for a very rare No Doubt Return Of Saturn tour book for their 2000 North America Tour. Very few of these exist and were only given to No Doubt and their tour staff. I bought it on eBay 10 years ago, and have never seen another one. It lists all the detailed information for this tour, and includes:

* No Doubt’s Monthly Calendars and list of shows
* List of Personnel (Band Party, Management, Crew Party)
* Tour Contacts (Travel Agent, Publicist, Sound & Lighting Company, Staging, Merchandise, etc.)
* List of tour staff’s cell phone numbers (blurred out on this auction page)

One page for each show listing what hotel the band will stay in, as well as detailed hotel information. Address and phone numbers for each venue. Show information, which lists crowd capacity, load-in time, what time No Doubt does their sound check, and what time they go on stage. After show travel- lists how many miles to drive to the next city. Pages show Days Off, and Travel Days (showing which airline and flight numbers the band and crew are booked on)

There are a total of 75 pages bound in a spiral book. The book is in very good condition considering it was taken all over the country for 3 months. The cover and a few pages have a very light crease. The front cover has the word “pickle” written in sharpie. Perhaps the nickname of a crew member. Other than that, it’s in great condition. Definitely an interesting and rare piece of No Doubt memorabilia. Buyer pays $5 for priority shipping. Feel free to ask me any questions about this auction. Good Luck!

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