Recap of Gwen's Segment on E! News

Gwen’s interview on E! News tonight was pretty brief-Catt Sadler asked Gwen if she was nervous for her runway show tomorrow night,and Gwen said she wasn’t.It was mentioned that Kingston and Zuma are with Gwen for Fashion Week-Gwen explained that they have been hanging out at her L.A.M.B. studio and that she let Kingston leave school to join her since he won’t be able to come next year so she said,”Let’s go to New York!” If anyone missed it,E! News will be repeated at 11:30 PM EST tonight,as well as 7 AM EST and 12 PM EST tomorrow,Thursday.We’re still awaiting word on when Gwen’s Access Hollywood interview will air.

**UPDATE** Thanks SO much to Gwen’s NYC publicist,Laura Claps,for the info,Gwen’s interview on Access Hollywood will air tomorrow,Feb.17th,and over the weekend!!

@Laura5710 If you missed Gwens interview on @ENews at 7:30pm you can catch it again tonight at 11:30PM. Access Hollywood airs tomorrow & this weekend!

Laura has promised to share even more information on Gwen’s Fashion Week media interviews tomorrow-follow her on Twitter HERE!

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