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fall14The first reviews of the Fall 2011 L.A.M.B. show are in-much deservingly,Gwen’s latest L.A.M.B. collection is being praised!! Much congratuations again to Gwen and her team on yet another magnificent collection!! You can check out photos from all of the Fall 2011 L.A.M.B. fashions HERE,thanks to our friends at BSO.

From ABC News:

Gwen Stefani has cleaned up the LAMB look for fall, creating one heck of a personal wardrobe in the process.

She covered all her bases in the finale show of New York Fashion Week on Thursday night, offering shrunken pantsuits for work, swingy minis for play, tunics and leather leggings for mom duty (remember she’s a rock star), coats for travel and gowns for the red carpet.

She took her bow wearing a one-shoulder, wide-leg jumpsuit, hand-in-hand with son Kingston.

The one thing missing from her new collection were the very casual clothes that she previously put on the runway for her fashion brand. They weren’t missed because they aren’t the clothes her fans expect to see her wearing — and that’s really where her fashion credibility lies.

Stefani still had a few too many gimmicks, but that seems to be her crutch. She should be confident going forward, proving once again that she belongs on fashion’s big stage, especially if she continues down the more polished path.

“I don’t think people are just rooting for Gwen,” said celebrity stylist Jay Manuel. “Her style is so spot on, people want to see her mix of rocker and fashion.”

Stefani divided the outfits into six categories. “It’s one collection, but like subcategories, which are always my inspiration,” she said in an interview Wednesday. “We have Ragga girl, we got a soldier girl, we got an English girl, we got a glamour girl, we got a buffalo girl.”

Each section had its own distinct hair and makeup, but the looks that were best had an overarching mod vibe, including London-dandy suits and ties, and rebellious schoolgirl skirts and sweaters.

From Wall Street Journal:

Gwen Stefani’s runway show Thursday night, at the tail end of New York Fashion Week, was lively. The models strutted and camped it up, twirling, smiling, waving, seemingly having fun. One wiped out on the floor and took a minute to get up and it looked as humanly moving as the other models’ vibrant attitudes that it helped contribute to the show’s anything-goes vibe.

Ms. Stefani is a competent and confident designer. The clothes are cute in a mixed-up kind of way and it’s easy to see why they appeal to a certain type of young woman. She showed six groups of archetypical looks: Soldier Girls, Ragga Muffin Girls — ragamuffin is a term used in Jamaica and I’m not sure if Ms. Stefani deliberately spelled it the way she did or not — London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls, and finally Glamour Girls. The most original of the lot — well, as original as looks derived from archetypes could be — for me were the ragga muffin girls, mainly because it’s not a look we’ve seen a lot of during New York Fashion Week, so it seemed somewhat fresher to the eye. And the models during this section really gave the best walk.

At the end of the show, when Ms. Stefani emerged to take her bow and walk the whole runway, something startled the audience and Ms. Stefani, too. It was her little boy, who came running after her as she was midway down the catwalk and grabbed her hand enthusiastically. Ms. Stefani was clearly taken by surprise. It was just as refreshingly spontaneous as the models’ unconventional enthusiasm.

EDIT-From IBTimes:

The theme was tribal, the mood dramatic and the look was a classic combination of designer Gwen Stefani’s punk rock style. The Fall 2011 collection by Gwen’s fashion brand L.A.M.B. was a vivid combination of feminine designs highlighted by contrasting hair, eyes and lip shades.
L.A.M.B., an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, is a luxurious collection of statement apparels, shows, handbags and fragrances offering a playful combination of the vintage and the contemporary. There is always a hint of classic Hollywood star glamor in all her collections. At the same time, the influence of street style in her creations cannot be ignored.

The American singer-songwriter and fashion designer had a successful musical career with hits like Hollaback Girl, The Sweet Escape and Wind It Up. Her debut as a designer came in 2003 when she introduced the line L.A.M.B. She later expanded her collection with the 2005 Harajuku Lovers line, drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and fashion.
The off-the-shoulder and midriff-baring details that she introduced in her spring collection were complemented with detailed hair style and make up. The entire collection was subdivided into six categories.
“It’s one collection, but like subcategories, which are always my inspiration,” Gwen said in an interview to ABC News on Wednesday. “We have Ragga girl, we got a soldier girl, we got an English girl, we got a glamor girl, we got a buffalo girl.”

From pantsuits to tunics, leggings and gowns, Fall 2011 was an interesting collection offering variety in design and pattern.

From The Daily Beast:

Ending Fashion Week with Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show always feels like a giant party. Her show Thursday night featured hip-hop, wild clothes, and models who are practically dancing down the runway. The collection featured shrunken skirt-suits, leather leggings—and a particularly cool (if not a little Burberry-inspired) shearling bomber jacket. The crowd went wild when Stefani walked down the aisle in a printed jumpsuit with her son, Kingston.

From Style.com:
L.A.M.B. closed out New York fashion week (only a small Finnish label followed it), and tonight’s show suggested that there was some poetic justice in that: Gwen Stefani’s collection cycled its way back through not only the trends of the season, but of past seasons, too. The show was divided into six groups, each with its own look, its own soundtrack, and its own models (often, a little oddly, grouped by race). The “Soldier Girls” wore military looks. The Rasta “Ragga Muffins,” Navajo print. Some “London Girls” had menswear-inspired suiting, and Malcolm McLaren-style “Buffalo Girls” were outfitted with outdoorsy blanket plaids. The “Mod Girls” wore leopard, stripes, and dots, and the “Glamour Girls” who closed—all Stefani-blonde—had seventies jumpsuits and halters in basic black.

It’s a worthy validation of the concept that fashion should be fun to suggest, as L.A.M.B. does, that there’s no need to lock yourself into one specific look. Try boho one day, Charlie Girl the next. For any and all, L.A.M.B. is there. But it’s not much fun to wear things that are poorly made. The platform of one model’s shoe went flying off mid-walk; she, flying to the ground. It didn’t inspire confidence. It did prove to be a girl-power moment, though. She was a Buffalo Girl by look, but she bravely Solidered on.

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