Phillip Bloch Praises Gwen's Flawless Style


Celebrity fashion stylist Phillip Bloch has written a sweet post about Gwen’s flawless style on his blog-we couldn’t agree more with everything he wrote 🙂

Yesterday we covered Rock Star wives/mothers, and today with Gwen we break that mold, since Gwen Stefani is far more than “just” a wife and mother-she is a star in her own right with talent that encompasses so much more than just her voice. IMHO, I think she is one of the best celebrity designers out now. I love how L.A.M.B. truly reflects her sense of style with a commercial edge (to make it sellable, of course)! I always enjoy her collections.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Gwen in person. It was a Sunday morning and she was with her husband Gavin on Robertson Blvd in LA. I was at the Ivy and she was window shopping. I remember remarking to myself that this early in the day she looked absolutely flawless! In jeans, a peacoat- very casual- but that skin and that hair on a Sunday morning? How is it possible? I thought, that must be what Marilyn Monroe looked like when she ventured out on a weekend morning jaunt. It’s all about the red lips-they make the platinum hair and alabaster skin just pop. I was floored at her beauty. And everytime I’ve run across her since, she is always sweet, focused, cool and gracious. She seems genuinely interested by fashion people and what they think of the collection-like she really wants to know more and values all opinions (a great attribute). Just this past September, 2 nights before her L.A.M.B. show, I ended up sitting next to her at one of my favorite restaurants Fiorello’s (across from Lincoln Center). She was there with her best friends and all the kids and family-and as gracious as she’s always been to me, she was just as loving and caring and down to earth with her family. And of course, despite the pandemonium of kids, family, etc AND undoubtedly just getting off a plane for Fashion Week-she still looked absolutely flawless! That is why Gwen is one of the mothers we love. Happy Mother’s Day Gwen Stefani! XO P

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