NoDoubt Engages their Fans on Twitter


We absolutely LOVE what RockBrand blog had to say about No Doubt’s Tweets-and we couldn’t agree more!! The fans so appreciate how the band Tweets so much 🙂

I’ve recently started following No Doubt on Twitter and feel they have mastered the medium. The reason? It’s simple. They post A LOT of photos of themselves. The images are typically straightforward – pics of the band in the studio, relaxing or just staring directly into the camera – but they stand out because No Doubt makes the images
personal. They’re not glossy marketing photos or recycled CD pics, they’re real, honest moments captured by the band members themselves, and it’s this candid look into the band’s life offstage that resonates with fans. By sharing more than just tour dates and forthcoming album news, No Doubt engages fans and connects with them on
an emotional level. They get it.

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