Night 3 Coverage

The band is already posting pictures via Instagram. Don’t forget to use #NDnight3 to tweet your photos from tonight. As usual, we will try to have updates throughout the night in case anything exciting happens. We will also be posting fan pictures in this post as well. Thank you in advance to all the fans that were at the show and who posted pics!!!

The setlist for the night, seems like they switched it up by playing “End It On This”
“Push And Shove”
“It’s My Life”
“Hella Good”
”Underneath it All”
“Hey Baby”

“Hey You” (acoustic)
“Sparkle” (acoustic)
“Simple Kind Of Life” (acoustic)
“One More Summer” (acoustic)

”Sunday Morning”
“End It On This”
“Settle Down”
”Don’t Speak”
“Just A Girl”

”Looking Hot”
”Total Hate”

 1:20 pm Keep a look out No Doubters. The band is giving away more prize packs tonight!

1:24pm Putting a SIGNED copy of Push And Shove into a random prize pack for tonight! -via Instagram

3:28pm Rain or shine 😉




4:54pm Don’t forget NDers…

5:21pm Make sure you get to your nose bleed seats in a hurry!!!


5:36pm Fans are all lined up – via Instagram

5:41pm Seems like they are letting the tour club members in already – via TanyaVargas

5:50pmGabe warming up -via Instagram

7:15pm Here is a look at the VIP goodies fans were able to upgrade courtesy of cupcakebrie. The button seems to be the same as the Tour Club button. Every night is a different color it seems.


7:30pm prize pack #1 is here! -via Instagram

The lucky winners!

8:00pm 2nd prize pack Section 21 Row D

8:04pm Winners!

9:11pm Fans are getting anxious for the band to come out!


9:19pm The band just hit the stage! – ticacoreana

9:23pm – negativenatalie

9:26 – froggymck

9:28pm – celpri



9:34pm – johnsexyelder

9:35pm biiitchfest

9:37 Band is playing Underneath It All – evilscrapper

9:39pm kayla_merrill

9:42 Ex-Girlfriend – gibson90210


9:45pm Hey baby – evilscrapper

9:56pm It seems as if Gwen might have gone down into the pit to hug a fan!

She did! – kayla_merrill

10:01 Simple kind of life is on the set as well 

9:57pm Acoustic Set Sparkle is on the setlist tonight – sara_holland

10:11pm One more summer is on the setlist as well



10:16pm Sunday Morning – evilscrapper

10:20pm End It On This!!!
10:28 Don’t Speak – westcoastgreg21



10:30pm Just A Girl – evilscrapper

10:39pm celia

10:40pm – itsybitsyphoto


10:45pm Looking Hot – pinkcupcake5150


10:49 Total Hate – superzero77

10:55pm Spiderwebs -jlauner

10:59pm The party is over!




MUCH congrats to Joanna on being pulled onstage!!


UPDATE: Congrats to lucky fan laerica on being pulled onstage!!

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