New Twitter Updates from the Studio!

Thanks to birthday boy Tom for the updates-”Get A Hold on This” has now been retitled ”Settle Down”.Hope they have fun in the studio tonight!

Okay one of the song titles has changed, “Hold On This” is now “Settle Down.” Change is good, embrace it! -Tom

Adrian is working on some drum looping and layering on Settle Down. There is a Jamaican Street vibe making the woofers shake in here. -Tom

EDIT-Aaah,ND is offically on yet another Tweeting spree!!! Thanks to them as always for the Tweets and pics-Happy Early Birthday to Tom!! – Hi guys- week # 2 studio days – still exciting 🙂 gx

I took these on Friday: -Tom

I just took 35 pictures of myself- to give u this one 🙂 gx

Our amazing producer Spike! – tony

@thingsweheart. It is time to post a belly pic I think! 🙂 gx

Early Happy Birthday wishes to our compadre and bandmate Tom Dumont!!! – tony

@GavinRossdale hehheheh!! Gx

(This was in response to Gavin’s Tweet about the song title change: @nodoubt beTter title,in my humble irrelevant opinion )

@threeltlbirds I have both, a Nikon D50 and a Canon G12. Ha! 🙂 -Tom

MUCH congrats to our friend Kallie on the reply!!


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