New Tweet: Thanks to YOLA

The band just Tweeted to thank members of the Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles for their performaces today;as posted last week,the band was scheduled to meet with YOLA today to watch a rehearsal,to meet each of the composer fellows,and participate in a Q&A session with YOLA musicians and composer fellows.No Doubt was invited last year by the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Composer Fellowship Program to collaborate with Youth Orchestra L.A. students,who were creating a multiple-movement classical piece inspired by the No Doubt songs “Suspension Without Suspense,” “Rock Steady” and “Simple Kind of Life.” Much congratulations to YOLA on their collaboration with ND and on their performances-hope the band had a wonderful time meeting with the students!

Thx to everybody at YOLA for great performances today, and especially to the fine Composers: Daniel, Phillip, Tamzin, and Aaron! -No Doubt-

EDIT-Thanks to YOLA student Jasmin for sharing on No Doubt’s facebook page,here is a photo of her posing with Tony at the YOLA event today.(Tom can be seen standing behind Tony.)

Thanks as well to Jasmin for sharing this:

Having No Doubt Come To YOLA, Was A Great Opportunity That i Personally Was Honored To Be A Part Of. And As YOLA, Progresses More And More EveryDay, This Was Just Another Big Leap For Us. To Be Recognized, And To Be Taken Into Consideration For SomeThing As Incredible As This Was Just a Privilege For Us All. Though We Weren’t Able To Interact With The Band As We Had Looked Foward To, With Photos And AutoGraphs, It Was Still A Day To Remember. (Well At Least For Me) So I’d Just Like To Thank The Composers Daniel, Phillip, Tamzin, and Aaron Because They’re The Reason We Got The Chance To Have An Incredible Experience Full Of Excitement And Elation. And Of Course a HUGE Thank You To Whole Band Who Took Time Out Of Their Days, And Probably Busy Schedules, To Make A Memorable Appearance.
– Jasmin Gonzalez


EDIT again-Thanks to OMZS187,check out a TwitPic of the band meeting with YOLA yesterday:


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