New Tweet from Gwen:Yo!!

Gwen just Tweeted this cute photo of herself posing with characters from the TV show Yo Gabba Gabba(check out Tom in the back) 🙂 – Yo!!!!! Gx


EDIT-Looks like they are with their kids at the Yo Gabba Gabba live show at Nokia Theatre in LA-some random Tweets from people who are also there:

@BigMamaRhonda Gwen stefani’s kid Kingston just did biz’s beat on the mic with biz markie!!! Soooo keel!

@Casssidilla Ohhh yeah and we’re sitting with Gwen stefani xD there are so many people here!

@CrissieBear Hanging out with gwen stefani at yo gabba gabba live…NBD.

@L_in_A There’s a party in my tummy. #YoGabbaGabbaday2. Gwen Stefani + Kingston in the house.

@peace143 Gwen stefani was so nice and her kids are so adorable. This was def a good way to end the break 🙂

@Ashlybird Yo Gabba Gabba kicked ass! Met Gwen Stefani and her kids. Kickin it with the Gabba krew

@TracyIbarreta I guess there were a bunch of celeb sightings at the @yogabbagabbashow. Gwen Stefani was a few rows ahead of me. Her son beatboxed w/ Biz!
That’s so cute about Kingston-hope they all are having fun! 😀

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