New Layout!

We finally got a new layout! It was really sad to part with the Tragic Kingdom theme, but we felt that we needed something new and bright! We wanted to have a clean and modern look. There are still things we have to tweak and work on, so please be patient. We hope you love the ICON theme! Leave us feed back below in the comments 🙂

P.S. Thanks to my husband for coming up with the idea! We were driving in my car and the ICON cd kept falling on his lap… he’s like “Why not use this as your new layout?” He then threw an idea together in Photoshop and that’s how this theme was born! So thanks honey 🙂

Author: Amy

I'm 32 years old and married to the best man on Earth! No Doubt is my favorite band, they inspire me everyday. I remember getting my first computer when I was 14 and wanting to make a website about them. Now, 18 years later, I'm a Computer Programmer/Web Designer and STILL making a website about them. I'd like to thank No Doubt for that!

1 thought on “New Layout!

  1. I♥ND says:

    Congrats guys! I love the new layout. I love the photo detail at the bottom of the page when you scroll down. And the Pap Free Zone is a great idea. Definitely one my favourite layouts for a fansite ever! 😀


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