ND Songs Added to Rock Band Music Store

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Harmonix and MTV today announced that a nine pack of songs from No Doubt, as well as singles from Orianthi and Picture Me Broken, will be added to the Rock Band Music Store of downloadable content for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.

With more than 400 artists, including Jimi Hendrix, The Who, AC/DC and Green Day, who are exclusive to Rock Band, as well as more than 1,100 songs available through the Rock Band platform and 65 million songs sold through its download store alone, Rock Band is the undisputed sales and content leader in the interactive music space, providing the deepest and best selection of artists, songs and albums.

Rock Band DLC additions for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 system and Wii
California rockers No Doubt return to Rock Band next week, rounding out their Tragic Kingdom offering in the Rock Band Music Store. Next week, the remainder of the ska-pop revivalists’ seminal, diamond-certified 1995 album will be available for download, joining “Spiderwebs,” “Excuse Me Mr.,” “Sunday Morning” and “Just a Girl,” which are already available in Rock Band. For Rock Band fans who already own these tracks in their Rock Band Music Library, the tracks next week will be offered as “No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts.” And for Rock Band fans who have yet to add the pop pleasures of Tragic Kingdom to their Library, the full album will be available as “No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Complete Album.”

Also available next week are singles from Australian singer-songwriter Orianthi with “According to You,” and Warped Tour alums, Picture Me Broken with “Dearest (I’m So Sorry).”

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3 system (May 4):

• No Doubt – “Different People”
• No Doubt – “End It on This”
• No Doubt – “Happy Now?”
• No Doubt – “Hey You”
• No Doubt – “Sixteen”
• No Doubt – “The Climb”
• No Doubt – “Tragic Kingdom”
• No Doubt – “World Go ‘Round”
• No Doubt – “You Can Do It”
• Orianthi – “According to You”
• Picture Me Broken – “Dearest (I’m So Sorry)” *

(All tracks are original master recordings)
(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation 3 May 3)

These tracks will be available for purchase as “No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Deep Cuts” and “No Doubt Tragic Kingdom: The Complete Album,” as well as individual tracks on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system, and as individual tracks only on Wii.

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

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  1. Sophie says:

    Wow, awesome! Thanks for posting Rosie. 😀
    Do you know if you have to pay for the songs, or are they all free to download?

  2. Rosie says:

    The article says that the tracks ”will be available for purchase”,so you have to pay for them 😉


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