MTV Tells Paramore to Look to ND

Hayley-Williams-and-Gwen-Stefani-music-16097772-400-300As music fans may know,the group Paramore,who of course opened for No doubt during the 2009 summer tour, has recently gone through a semi-breakip,with the departure of two of its members,Zak and Josh Farro.While Hayley Williams and the remaining members have put up a united front,insisting that they will remain a band, advised them to look to No Doubt for inspiration and lessons:

Ultimately, Paramore should hold the lessons of No Doubt close to them. The parallels between the two groups are pretty obvious (both are mostly male with a female singer who gets the bulk of the attention, both featured members who dated, both came from a punk aesthetic and evolved into something greater), and even when Gwen Stefani left the fold to pursue her solo career, the band remained a (relatively) solid unit. They haven’t put out new music since 2001, though a new album is due next year and they could put a successful tour together whenever they like (as they did in 2009). In the meantime, Stefani scored big solo hits while the rest of the band pursued other, more personal projects.

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