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fall23More details and rave reviews for the L.A.M.B runway show last night:

From OK!:

Can’t make it to NYC for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week? Don’t worry, OK!’s got you covered! Last night we checked out L.A.M.B’s runway show for a sneak peek at the collection and what’s not to love about the fabulous Gwen Stefani’s new looks!

SHOW: L.A.M.B By Gwen Stefani

WHEN: February 17


WHO: Taryn Manning, Jay Manuel, Christian Siriano, Kingston Rossdale, Zuma Rossdale

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FASHION: Leave it to up to Gwen — a Grammy-winning singer, designer, and doting mom of two adorable sons — to deliver an energetic show with six different mini collections showing in one runway extravaganza!


Group 1: Soldier Girls
The Army has arrived… A sea of army green pants, plaid jackets and tan scarves on top of high volume blonde bouffants with aviators shades started off the show strong. The tough looks were given a dramatic feel with video of helicopters in War zones buzzing in the background and an amazing Led Zeppelin and Queen mix filling The Theatre!

Group 2: Ragga Muffin Girls
Earth tones with warm red, yellow and orange shades sprinkled throughout gave off the feeling of the “one love” vibe of Jamaica. Bird prints and stripes featured in this mini collection made it a playful group to watch.

Group 3: London Girls
Punk prep school with tough girl gone chic attitude. Ties and blazers in fun plaids and navy mixed with leather seemed edgy yet fun.


Group 4: Buffalo Girls
South West knits and prints, long felted wool trenches layered over long skirts and wool pants with fun wool wide brim hats were warm and yet effortlessly cool.

Group 5: Mod Girls
Keep it classic and simple. This group were in black and white prints, polka dots and striped blouses and dresses. The key to a black and white look is keeping it Minimalistic which Gwen did beautifully with these looks.


Group 6: Glamour Girls
This last grouped embodied Gwen — her beauty and artistic vision. The tall blondes worked the runway in glamorous black dresses and sleek black jumpsuits with gold chains, capes and asymmetrical drapes.

BEAUTY: Each of the six groups brought to life a different, fabulous look on the catwalk.

Group 1: Soldier Girls
The powerful blonde bombshells sported bouffant-esque hairstyles with headscarves housing their elevated ‘dos. Each lady also sported aviator sunglasses. A berry colored lip made the look pop even more!


Group 2: Ragga Muffin Girls
The long, lean beauties wore hats similar to the Rastafarian crown style. Makeup was kept more natural compared to the other groups with emphasis on a smokey eye.

Group 3: London Girls
These ladies sported shaggy short ‘dos and think black eyeliner over bright blue and silver eyeshadow, rounding out the punky look. Focus was on the eyes as lips were highlighted with a nude color.

Group 4: Buffalo Girls
It was all about the wide-brim top hats and big, frizzy manes, sprayed with streaks of gray. Black liner made the colorful aqua and bronze shadows pop.


Group 5: Mod Girls
This sleep group sported their hair in nests on top of their head and smokey eyes!

Group 6: Glamour Girls
Blonde, hollywood style hair with lost of volume paired perfectly with cat-eye makeup and the sleek black looks!


COLOR/OVERHEAD: The energy at Gwen’s shows is always high with the biggest names in fashion on-hand to support the fresh, young and talented designer.

Another plus of going to see a L.A.M.B collection, Gwen’s adorable family is always on hand supporting their mom! While hot rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale showed his support backstage, sons Kingston and Zuma Rossdale caught the runway action not from the front row, but from one of the aisles!


The adorable blonde boys sat on the stairs in one of the aisles as they watch the looks, and despite the blaring beats, young Zuma fell asleep!

But not Kingston, he zoomed out onto the catwalk as soon as his mom came out to take her victory walk!


Before the show started, commotion filled the runway as one of the expected guests was Matt Damon, but unfortunately the A-list actor never showed up!

Gwen reportedly said backstage that she never had met Matt and didn’t know he was coming to her show!

However, Hustle and Flow star Taryn Manning and America’s Next Top Model star Jay Manuel did take in all the action from the front row.


“One of the things I love about Gwen is she is never conventional and really does what she feels works,” Jay told OK! exclusively. “She is the perfect hybrid between Rock and Roll and fashion.”

Taryn shared with OK! that she has been of fan of Gwen since her early days with No Doubt.

“I think she is an incredible business women and one of the best vocalists,” Taryn said. “I love her style because she is like a tom boy and I relate to that and then she also dresses up. When you see her in paparazzi shots she just looks cool and funky.

From CultureMap:

There was no doubt that Gwen Stefani and Naeem Khan presented stellar fashion shows to end Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Thursday night. Both designers surpassed expectations with strong collections that emphasized major fashion trends for fall.

Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show was a multimedia marvel with a gigantic screen projecting images, a bouncing soundtrack and an abundance of styles for six types of customers: Soldier Girls, Ragga Muffin Girls, London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls and Glamour Girls.

The clearly delineated divisions helped Stefani offer something for everyone: Menswear-tailored suits (a big fashion week trend), languid lounging clothes, smart tunics over skinny pants, patchwork capes, and a skirt and bustier made from fabric that looked like an Army blanket. Wonder if it scratches.

A poster backstage instructed models to embody different attitudes on the runway. A Soldier Girl should be “tough, serious, hard” while glamour models should affect a “sexy, sultry” swagger. But the young models in teased blonde hair looked a little silly rather than sultry, like they were playing “dress up” in mom’s clothes.

The most affecting models with the Ragga Girls, who smiled and pranced on the catwalk in Navaho print minis and punker pants, clearly acting their age. The attitude was so carefree that when one “Mod Girl” model wiped out on the runway, it was OK.

While taking her runway bow, Stefani, looking glam in a flowing print pantsuit, was surprised when her young son broke away from his seat and ran to her as she was midway down the runway. It was a spontaneous moment that clearly delighted the audience, which let out a collective, “Ahhhhhhh.”

After the show Houston native Cesar Galindo received congratulations backstage for his contributions. Galindo was brought in as part of Stefani’s design team and his influence showed in the show’s strongest segment, a series of exquisitely draped glamour gowns and jump suits — all in black — that closed the show.

Houston fashion event producer Bambi Lynn was also on hand. She’s scouting out designers for the second edition of Houston Fashion Week this fall.

There’s a also nice slideshow of photos at HuffingtonPost.

EDIT-Review from Clarke

AGAINST the frenzied back-drop of projected flames, helicopters and blaring war-time sound effects, L.A.M.B’s latest looks took to the runway – modelled, once again this season, by peroxide-blonde lookalikes of its designer, the charismatic Gwen Stefani. Like Stefani herself, who seemingly has all the bases covered: a thriving music career, family life and multi-faceted clothing line – her label is similarly successful and diverse. For autumn/winter 2011-12, the collection pitched every kind of look, for every kind of urban fun-loving gal. The collection’s jumping off point was decidedly military inspired, with rows of California-blonde “Soldier Girls” decked out in wrap trench coats in khaki boiled wool with leather harnesses, camouflage-floral hybrid print blouses, long maxi boiled-wool skirts with risqué thigh-high split and jodphur-like cuffed trousers.

Next up, to a rockin’ reggae beat, gorgeous Rasta-girls – or “Ragga Muffin Girls” – with oversized caps made Navajo-prints sexier than ever, in the form of chiffon mini-shifts, sweater dresses, wool jackets and edgy-decadent maxi dresses with flowing trains. As the soundtrack went old-school London punk with Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK, so did the “London Girls” – donning killer-cropped brunette do’s and Seventies inspired leather motorcycle jackets, skin-tight leather trousers and fitted tartan pant-suits. The collection then swerved to “Buffalo Girls”, with Asian beauties walking to Malcolm McLaren’s famous tune in oversized, tailored menswear-inspired looks. Later, “Mod Girls” hit the runway – gaudy leopard-print, polka dot and striped dresses, re-workings of classic baseball tees and bowler hats in tow. Finally, it was time for the show to come full circle with Stefani-like blonde “Glamour Girls” taking to the runway in monochromatic evening wear. The floor-length gowns on show were examples of the all-new LBD we’ve been seeing throughout NYFW, translated for autumn/winter as the long black dress… Of course, Stefani knows she’s got a varied audience, so she slipped a few little black dresses into the mix for good measure.

EDIT-From The New York Observer:

The gridlock that seized the runway before the L.A.M.B. show last night had its heart near a cluster of seats in the front row — one seat, one empty seat, had pulled in a growing orb of press and PR flacks. When The Observer finally shouldered through the crescent of photographers and video crews ready to pounce on the expected celebrity, we snatched a glace at the name: Matt Damon.

“I heard it was actually Matt Dillon, and they made a mistake,” a woman with a notebook said to The Observer.

“I was backstage with Gwen and she says she’s never even met Matt Damon,” said another journalist.

Minutes passed without an arrival from either of the Matts but the cameras didn’t budge.

“I’ve been here for forty minutes,” one woman with heavy-looking videocamera said to The Observer.

We realized before others that there would be no Matt Dillon nor Matt Damon at the L.A.M.B. show. We escaped to chat with the twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, better known as the teen-pop act The Veronicas. Favorite No Doubt songs?

“Don’t Speak!” said Jessica.

“Just a Girl!” said Lisa.

“I also like Spiderwebs,” said Jessica.

“I like Ex-Girlfriend” said Lisa.

“Yeah, Ex-Girlfriend,” said Jessica.

We noticed that a placard for Debbie Harry was taped to the chair next to The Veronicas, and the sisters said they were excited to meet her (Debbie Harry didn’t show).

What did everyone miss? Well, it was a bombastic and long show — Zeppelin-soundtracked Vietnam combat frenzy, charmingly earnest use of “We Will Rock You,” a cringe-worthy punk-rock type excursion set to The Sex Pistols, falling models, an obvious but fun Kinks-toned British Invasion scene, and then Gwen walked out with her son Kingston at the end.

Unfortunately, The Observer may remember the show for its notable length. Because of all the delays, by the time we ran over to the Kim Crawford wine stand with another painfully sober writer they had stopped giving out free Sauvignon Blanc. Thus, it was time to go. See you in September, Lincoln Center tents!

EDIT-Another review and more photos from FocusOnStyle:

New York Fashion Week Highlight: If you don’t want to cross trends, Gwen Stefani makes sure there’s at least there’s a little something for every city treading girl
Gwen Stefani is going to give Betsey Johnson a run for her money as far as fashion performances go.
Because the Fall 2011 collection, which was the final show for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, was a production of music, video, choreography and themed clothing.
A huge video screen hung at the end of the runway showing video appropriate for each of the six mini collections; beginning with an army/combat capsule, a Rasta/jamaican capsule, a Brit punk capsule, the Japanamation capsule, a mod 60’s capsule, and ending with a perfectly posh Gwen capsule.
I preferred the styling of the opening combat capsule and the Rasta capsule best.

Fatigues never seem to go out of style and seeing camo print in pleated silk and army green worn in a wide funnel neck utility jacket puts a spin on your basic cargo pants.

The bright southwestern print paired with the Rasta styling hit home particularly in a floor length halter dress. I am over the punk-ish Brit, menswear look, it’s too much of the same and not creative enough compared to the other capsules.The last glam capsule also had some great night-out dresses, everything in black with distinct draping and worn with gold with Gwen platinum hair.The biggest take away, besides the overall incredible performance, was that you can try different styling within one line. Or if you don’t want to cross trends, then at least there’s a little something for every city treading girl. — Alix Kivlin, words & photos

EDIT-More L.A.M.B. show details from;the models were wearing Dashing Diva Nail Polish in Limo Service shade:
Not only did we absolutely love Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. show (tons of Black models, influences as diverse as “Glamour Girl,” “Buffalo Girl” and “Mod Girl”…what’s not to love?), and we adored the nails! After a season frought with greige and neon polishes, the L.A.M.B. show brought back the basic black mani. Backstage, celeb nail technician Pattie Yankee painted models’ nails with Dashing Diva Nail Polish in Limo Service, creating an edgy neutral that united the wildly diverse collection. So much cooler than greige, don’t you think?

EDIT-Yet another glowing review from Yahoo!

New York – Reggae and Harajuku influences, menswear inspired looks and lots of prints are what we’ve come to expect over the years from Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line, but this season she showed her versatility as a fashion designer at one of the last shows for fall 2011 at Lincoln Center on Thursday, Feb. 17, in New York.

We got more than expected in the staged line-up, divided in six sections, which opened to a projected helicopter landing, as “Soldier Girls” donning diaphanous camouflage tops and bottoms, boiled wool trench coats and aviator jackets and shades made their way down. Second scene’s Rasta “Ragga Muffin Girls” were anything but, as cleaned up reggae-colored getups in Navajo tribal print maxi dresses stood alongside intellectual-inspired, preppy ties and sweaters.

Although not a complete, cohesively timelined show, each group had its own retro style scheme, like “London Girls,” ’70s school-girl-meets-menswear plaids and “Buffalo Girls” clean tailored and streamlined looks topped off with ’60s “Clockwork Orange” inspired headwear.

Stefani’s usual androgynous looks were present but her over-the-top feminine ensembles, as seen in the last two sets, “Mod Girls” and, her Gwen look-alike “Glamour Girls,” were sexy and sophisticated. Even taking cues from the haute couture fashion house with Chanel inspired houndstooth, it’s easy to see that Stefani has taken her fashion line up a notch. By toning down the previously overdone red, yellow and green motif, as well as the Asian-inspired schoolgirl outfits, she took her fans through adolescence, leaving them with a mature and classy wardrobe.

For the first time, Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line wasn’t just the visual expression of her girlish music, but rather, an ostensibly talented conglomeration of easily wearable looks for nearly any stylish woman.

From Fashionista:

Yesterday’s L.A.M.B. show was broken into six parts: Soldier Girls, Rasta Ragga Muffins, London Girls, Buffalo Girls, Mod Girls, and Glamour Girls. It may sound like mix of random inspirations, but once the looks came out on the runway the connection was obvious. These are all the looks Gwen has cycled through during her career.
The opening group of Soldier Girls wore, unsurprisingly, army green looks that were all tightly tailored. With only eight looks, the Soldier Girls section was brief, but left me wanting more. Stefani could have done an entire show off the army girl riff, and it would have been amazing. (And maybe more satisfying than the constant changing of models and music.)
Next, the Rasta Raga Muffins wore looks in warm tones and prints, then the London Girls took the catwalk in plaids. The Buffalo Girls section was the most interesting, with more refined elements like a chic navy trench over camel cropped trousers. Then came the Mod Girls, in black and white, and finally the Glamor Girls, in all black with gold accessories.
In its entirety, the show had all the elements we’ve come to expect from Stefani: schoolgirl suits, tons of plaid, oversized tops, all fused together with Stefani’s too-cool-for-school attitude.

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