More Behind-the-Scenes Pics of Gwen's L'Oreal Shoot

loreal12loreal13 loreal14 Thanks to,check out even more behind-the-scenes pics from Gwen’s L’oreal commercial for Infalliable Le Rouge lip color. We cannot say enough how stunning she looks! According to the site,Gwen is unsurprisingly receiving high praise for her campaign.Her print ads are apparantly already included in some February issues of magazines-if anyone sees any,please send them in!

It’s been barely a week since the news broke that Gwen Stefani is the new face of L’Oréal Paris, and already the platinum bombshell is making her red-lipped mark across magazines and television screens. Her first commercial for Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolour debuted this past Sunday during the Golden Globes (in case you missed it, you can watch it here), and her print ads for the lipstick are splashed throughout the February glossies. And while we don’t yet know which other makeup products Gwen will soon be modeling for the brand, one thing’s for certain: Gwen has a lot of fans. I’ve reported on a number of our brands’ celebrity partnerships in the nine months since I started editing this site, but none has garnered as many shout-outs, woot-woots, or Facebook “likes” as the news about Gwen. Reactions on our Facebook page praise the star for being a classic beauty who always remains true to herself. Indeed! Personally, I think one of most enchanting qualities about Gwen is that for as perfect and polished as her beauty is, she still feels completely approachable. Not to mention, if anyone can sell a red lipstick, it’s this girl.

Speaking of which, check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Gwen’s Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolour shoot. She looks relaxed, gorgeous, and above all, like she’s genuinely having a lot of fun. And in case you’re wondering, Gwen’s poppy red pucker in these snaps is Infallible Le Rouge Lipcolour in Ravishing Red. All hail the new queen of lipstick!

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