Miss Bavarde’s Story of Attending the Paris Show Last Night

Thanks to lucky fan Miss Bavarde for sharing on her blog her story and photos from No Doubt’s private Paris show at La Maison de la Mutualité last night-we translated her post below. If you attended the Paris show,we love to see your stories,pics and videos!

For the release of their last album “Push and Love” Connected HP Universal Music and organized a private concert by No Doubt at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris. The concert was accessible only by invitation. And thanks to my girlfriend and singer artist (and founder) of the group Schaff (listening HERE) I got my ticket to attend this amazing show awaited for by their French fans. Let me tell you that when I recovered my sesame shaped little bracelet I was all, I’ll spare you the Hiiiiii, Haaaaa, excessive Géniiiiallll I pushed and made me smile all the way around the head . It’s just fifteen years I expect to see them in concert tonight and my dream came true. Since I had 2 places, I boarded my girlfriend Steph also big fan of the group. And our all day sms were rife in superlatives: it is too great – amazing – tonight is hiiiii – yessssss – “yes 2 real crazy excited like fleas. The working day we felt very long anyway!

Once we arrived on site began the hard part: wait until the doors open in the cold. 1:30 waiting later we finally returns and the chance was that Steph arrived before me was just great placed in the queue and it was found 2 meters of the stage amazed. He then had to wait a DJ with the group’s arrival. I’ll spare you the wait seemed endless and we finally 22h the lights go out, the room heats up and the group arrives.

Behind a giant screen that transmits images of the group throughout the Private Show and there is left for more than 1 hour concert awesome. It was like I imagined a group of crazy Gwen Stefani with a more robust, dynamic and beautiful as ever, just perfect for musicians and an amazing atmosphere. Each group member is ultra on stage and they are amazing, Gwen buddies are great, funny and occupy all the space of the scene. I opened my eyes very great because I do not know when I would see them again in concert and especially as nearly Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom and my ears have recorded all the sound they could bear, my smile was 2 times around my head, and I jumped, sang, struck in my hands to the rhythm of their greatest hits such as opening Sunday Morning, Spiderwebs, Do not speak (I had wonderful chills), and Settle Down and Looking Hot’s latest album just to name a few tubes. I saw myself in my room with my parents in my 15 years listening to their albums dreaming to see on stage. I was not disappointed, it was like my dream and I always come back to this one that has been made. Some would say that hope to see a band in concert is frankly not as terrible dream maybe, but everyone’s dreams and happiness which this one. And you know what that is mega good to live his musical dream, to be transported by No Doubt, the atmosphere and have the brain stand bye! Tonight in my head, in my body it was just happiness so thank you Gwen and boys, No Doubt thank you and please come to Paris if you do a European tour, I’ll be there because

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