Max Vadukul Enjoyed Working with Gwen

In a recent issue of Interview Magazine,famed photographer Max Vadukul was quoted as saying that he was very pleased with the results of his photoshoot of Gwen for her 2005 Rolling Stone cover,revealing that he felt that the photo above of her cracking the glass bottles was particularly ”dynamic”. We fully agree-the shoot is gorgeous!

STUNDA: Do your relationships with your editors spur fresh ideas?

VADUKUL: I have an excellent relationship with Jodi Peckman at Rolling Stone. She’s a blast, absolutely a person who is forever young. I met her when I did the first album cover for Sting’s Dream of the Blue Turtles in Barbados. Jodi has an incredible feel my photography. She’ll say, “Come on Max, do that thing where you make them do this…!” A good editor can connect with the core signature of your photography and say this is what I really want from you. We’ve been able to get very good results on a few occasions. Gwen Stefani was one. I had her cracking glass bottles. The picture was dynamic. Gritty and grainy. It has to be real—even if it’s a reality I create.

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