L.A.M.B. Fashion Show on Feb 17th!

Exciting L.A.M.B. news! As posted earlier,Gwen will be showing L.A.M.B. at NY Fashion Week next month,and according to MB Fashion Week.com,the show will take place at 8PM on Feb.17th at the Theatre in Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center.Wishing Gwen and her team the very best-we cannot wait to se the latest amazing L.A.M.B. collection!! Also,it looks like the official L.A.M.B. website is back up and running!There are some videos,including interviews with Gwen,a store locator, press mentions of the brand,and contact information,as well as an option to subscribe to a L.A.M.B. newsletter.And how cool that ”Rock Steady” plays on the site!

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