How to Get 'Gwen Stefani Legs'

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Kacy Duke, a personal trainer who has worked with celebs like Gwen Stefani, Julianne Moore and Mary J. Blige, has some fitness tips for Crushable readers: “set unrealistic goals.”

“We didn’t land a man on the moon by thinking realistically,” Kacy told us. “We want to go for something, we want to go for better.”

To motivate yourself to work out, try changing your attitude, thinking like an athlete and avoid getting into a rut with your daily routine. Kacy recommended trying to do something for your body every day — whether it’s working out for a few minutes, getting a massage, stretching or doing an exercise video for an hour. She has three tips for working out: do push-ups, add weights, and don’t forget the deodorant, like Dove’s ultimate visibly smooth deodorant.

Check out our video for more of Kacy’s tips, and one exercise that her client Gwen Stefani loves: the knee lift to back lunge.

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