Help Make ND a Trending Topic!

Thanks again to I♥ND for the idea,ND fans are encouraged to try again to make No Doubt a trending topic on Twitter this upcoming Saturday,May 15 at 5 PM EST(that’s 2 PM Pacific Time and 10 PM London time). At that time on Saturday,we can write Tweet with ” No Doubt” and/or ”#nodoubt” to try and get No Doubt’s name on the trending topics list.Here are a few tips to help the trending effort:

1. Set your account to public. Your tweets will only show on the public timeline and contribute to trending topic if it’s public.
2. Always include the key words #NoDoubt and ‘No Doubt’
3. Don’t stop tweeting for the very 1st hour. Tweet every second like crazy, non-stop
4. Tweet all sort of things related to No Doubt even the songs you’re listening to at the moment.
5. If you run out of ideas just re-tweet the people you’re following.
6. Chat with your followers via @username
7. Again, don’t forget to include #NoDoubt and ‘No Doubt’. It’s easier if you copy the keywords and paste them everytime you’re going to tweet.
8. Only use the word #NoDoubt ONCE in your Tweet, or it will be counted as spam.

If you have any more tips or would like to show your support for the trending event,please make a post in this thread on the No Doubt forum.Also,please Re-Tweet a mesage like this to spread the word about the trending effort: ”#NoDoubters let’s try and make #NoDoubt a TT Sat. 15th May 2PM Pacific time | 5PM NY | 10PM London”

The more people involved in the trending event this Saturday,the better chance we have of making ND a trending topic,so again please take part if you can and spread the word-thanks to everyone taking part in the trending effort! 😀

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