Harajuku Lovers Headphones Available Online

Yay,the super-cute new Harajuku Lovers headphones that we mentioned earlier are available at Target stores can now be purchased online at the site of its production company MonsterCable.com!Looks like the site offers international shipping,too! Here’s a terrific review of the headphones from ChipChick:

We’re pretty much blown away by these new pairs of Harajuku Lovers In-Ear Headphones from Monster and Gwen Stefani. Monster hasn’t just produced just one, but three adorable pairs of Harajuku Lovers In-Ear Headphones, each with their own wicked style. All of the headphones sport a tangle-free cable design, they come with multiple ear-tips, and they are affordable too.

First and foremost is our favorite, the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style In-Ear Headphones which features Interchangeable Faces and heart-shaped carabineers. This pair comes with five clip-on girls, or more specifically, G and four Harajuku girls. The headphones also come in a heart-shaped compact case and retail for $69.95.

Next is the Harajuku Lovers Super Kawaii In-Ear Headphones which comes in a Harajuku Lovers Heart-Shaped Cable Manager, also sports Heart-shaped carabineers, and retails for $59.95.
Finally, there is the Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones which features Interchangeable Gwen Bodies. That means that the headphones come with five clip-on body colors. To top it off, the headphones feature a Retractable cord keeper. The Harajuku Lovers Space Age In-Ear Headphones retail for $89.95.

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