Harajuku Lovers Headphones at Target!

This is so cool! Thanks to our friends at Beacon Street Online for the heads up,there are Harajuku Lovers headphones available at Target stores! There are apparantly 3 different super-cute designs: “Super Kawaii”,which retail for $49,“Space Age G” headphones for $79, and “Wicked Style” earbuds for $59. They are made by Monster,the same company that produces the popular Dr. Dre Beats headphones.Here’s a photo,thanks again to BSO:


The headphones don’t appear to be available online yet,but hopefully they will be soon.In the meantime,be sure to check out your local Target stores! It’s awesome to see the Harajuku Lovers brand expanding even more!

**UPDATE** More photos of the ”Super Kawaii” headphone set-apparantly all 3 sets come with an adorable carrying case and extra earbuds.

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