Happy 27th Anniversary of No Doubt’s First Gig!


Happy Anniversary to No Doubt!!!! It was 27 years ago today, on March 14, 1987, that No Doubt played their first official gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, CA!

After several raucous party performances, No Doubt play their first “official” gig at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California; the band was second on a bill of 14 with The Untouchables headlining. Tony, a high-school junior, was one of several hundred people watching. Shortly thereafter, he tries out. Band accepts him even though he’s never been in a band, has long hair and is wearing Mexican sandals. By the summer, Tony, an organized perfectionist, becomes the band’s unofficial manager -from the band bio originally posted at nodoubt.com

It’s so amazing and inspiring how far the band has come from that very first gig! Endless congratulations to them on all of their hard-earned and much-deserved success!! We join all No Doubters in expressing how incredibly thankful we are for everything No Doubt has given us and we look forward to even more music and memories in the future.

Tony once shared this photo of his ticket from the show that he now has framed on a wall in his home:


Former No Doubt member Tony Meade once shared this classic photo of the band backstage at Fender’s for that first gig; pictured in addition to Eric, Gwen and John Spence are Tony Meade and his brother Alan, Jerry “Jerros” McMahon, Kirk Hofstetter, Kevin Wells, and Chris Webb.


Longtime friend of the band Eric Keyes has in the past shared these awesome rare clips of No Doubt arriving and performing at Fender’s on that historic day in 1987:

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