Gwen's L'Oreal Hair Color Ad Airing on TV!

acceeThanks to our friends at Beacon Street Online for the heads up,Gwen’s commercial for L’Oreal Superior Preference hair color is now airing on TV in the United States!! Hopefully it will turn up online soon-in the meantime,has anyone seen it?

Thank you so much to MB for sending in, but Gwen’s hair color ad is NOW airing on TV. “Luxurious” plays in the background of the commercial this time. Has anyone else seen it? We will keep a look out and post it as soon as we can!

Apparently the commercial has a more “darker” look to it. It features a lot of black and gold, just like the lipstick ad was mostly red and white. We can’t wait to see it! Gwen’s shoot by the Hollywood sign was used, as well as some shots we saw previously in the behind the scenes video. She ends the video with “It’s shine time!”

**UPDATE**The commercial still doesn’t appear to be online yet,but according to fans who have seen it,the ad is airing on US television channels such as Discovery Channel,TBS,TV Land and CBS.If anyone who sees and records the commercial can upload it to youtube,that would be awesome.In the meantime,maybe we can ask L’Oreal Paris to upload the commercial by leaving comments on its facebook page and via Twitter.

**UPDATE 2** I just saw the hair color commercial on Lifetime! I wasn’t able to tape it,though 🙁 Aaah,she looks gorgeous! And she says ”It’s Rock Steady shine” and ”Don’t let it goes away”-love how she says song lyrics in it! And at the very end(the part where she’s at the Hollywood sign) she says the tagline,”Because we’re worth it”. Also,it’s not an instrumental of Luxurious-I’m pretty sure part of the first verse is played.Also,as posted before,L’Oreal Superior Preference in the shade of LBO1 Extra Light Ash Blond is being advertised in the ad.

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