Gwen’s Life in Pictures at Stylist

The UK site has put together an awesome photo gallery capturing many of Gwen’s career-making moments;it’s lovely-and so true!-what the feature says about Gwen’s many professional and personal accomplishments.

Gwen Stefani: A Life in Pictures
From No Doubt singer to solo artist and fashion designer
Not only is Gwen Stefani one of the most glamorous icons of recent times, but she’s also one of the most diverse. From her career’s early beginnings with ska rock band No Doubt in the late 1980s, Gwen has gone on to establish herself as a captivating frontwoman, fantastic solo star, style icon and fashion designer – all with overwhelming success – not to mention her roles as a wife and mother.

Revisit Gwen’s career-making moments with our picture gallery below. Simply click an image to launch the gallery.

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