Gwen Will be Onstage with Prince Tonight!

Just to remind everyone,Gwen will be singing onstage with Prince tonight as a special guest performer during his concert at the LA Forum.It’s being reported that the show is starting at 9 PM (PST) and will last over 3 hours.The opening act will be Prince’s backing group,The New Power Generation,or NPG. Hope everyone going to the show has an AMAZING time seeing Prince-and Gwen!!! We will have media up as soon as it is available-again,to anyone who is going,please feel free to send in any photos or video of Gwen’s time onstage. Wishing Gwen all the best as she performs with one of her idols tonight 😀

EDIT-Mieke and Erin are going,judging by their tweets just now @thingsweheart;the guys of ND and Gavin will likely also be there to see Prince-and cheer on Gwen!

@thingsweheart This guy!! http://www/

@thingsweheart Concert Fashion Tip #1…. If the singer is wearing heels, so should you.

UPDATE-Report from celebrity blogger DrFunkenberry:
So is this a marketing ploy by The Forum? The forum posted on it’s Facebook Fan Page yesterday that Gwen Stefani of No Doubt will be performing with Prince Friday or Saturday night. Well, Friday passed Gwen. So that would mean….tonight, right?

Tonight will be the 7th night of Prince’s record-breaking 21 Nights In Los Angeles run at the Forum.

What we can tell you is that Gwen rehearsed with Prince and the NPG at the Forum almost 2 weeks ago for several hours, so it is supposed to go down and was planned.

An unreliable blogger who shall go nameless reported that Prince and Gwen were performing that night when actually it was just a rehearsal.

We have a feeling it will NOT be the Prince and No Doubt songs in existence but actually one of Gwen’s all time favorite songs by the Purple One..and perhaps a few more guest spots.

So far, Prince has had Ledisi, Mint Condition, Larry Graham, Chaka Khan, Sheila E., and Alicia Keys take part as his special guests either as an opening act or a surprise performer.

I am not going to lie, I would LOVE to see Prince and Gwen perform. Will it happen?

Follow us on Twitter tonight as we will be LIVE tweeting from show n will let you know if Gwen plays: -Dr.FB

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