Gwen Stefani's Hairstyles Through the Years

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Gwen Stefani is the queen of reinvention, and throughout her 20 year career she’s rarely been seen with the same hairstyle, let alone outfit. Here are some of our favourite styles…

When Lady Gaga was still just a little monster, another blonde bombshell was dominating the charts – and with an enormous wardrobe of innovative costumes, ever-changing hairstyles, and an eye for innovative makeup, Gwen Stefani made a name for herself as music’s most stylish star.

We spoke to a selection of stylists to find out what they think of Gwen’s most memorable looks.

Gwen started her career back in 1986 with ska band No Doubt. Along with her quirky wardrobe, the burgeoning popstar rocked a bright pink hue and quirky blunt fringe. Yesmin O’Brien of Sean Hanna says: “Pink hair is not for the faint hearted. Luckily Gwen’s porcelain skin and eccentric personality meanshe can pull off this look perfectly. This colour matched with a thick fringe creates a funky rock chick look that stands out from the crowd.”

By the mid-90s, Gwen had introduced the wider world to her unique brand of style – complete with bindis and knotted hair buns. Carly Aplin from Cutting Room Creative comments: “I think you have to be Gwen Stefani to pull off this style! Although the style is a bit all over the place, the actual auburn colour is bang on trend an looks great with her pale skin tone.

Gwen soon graduated to a more glamorous look, experimenting with retro twisted updos and Madonna-esque styles. Clive Johnston of Clive Alexander says: “This gorgeous style is ultra feminine. The soft waves combined with a tight curled fringe creates a fresh look with elements of the classic and modern. These 1940s inspired looks are pure glamour, and they are fun choices for special occasions.”

This quiff look is classic Gwen. Michelle Winter for Michelle Louise comments: “Quiffs are a great way to create a sleek and hassle-free look. This particular style is simple yet creates a polished elegant finish. Whether worn high at the crown or sleek and understated like Gwen’s, the quiff never really goes out of style.

Now a major player in both the music business and the fashion industry, glamorous mum Gwen continues to reinvent her style.

Lorenzo Comparelli for Kaizo says: “Gwen is never shy of trying new styles or trends. This look is elegant and adds a modern twist to formal updos we’re used to seeing. This style is inspired by the pin up girl look, but by adding theight it creates a whole new look that stays true to Gwen’s unique style. Added height on top is an ideal style for square or round face shapes as it adds some required length.”

Gwen wore this plaited style during New York Fashion Week, and models at her LAMB show rocked a similar style. Terence Renati says: “This messy updo fits in perfectly with Gwen’s bright and quirky style. Messy updos are set to be a big trend this year which is fantastic as they couldn’t be easier to style at home. There are endless techniques that can be used to personalize your style. Gwen’s plait detail creates a unique eye catching look. There really are no guidelines for the messy updo.”

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