Gwen Singing ''So Far,So Pleased'' Live with Prince!!!

This is SO amazing!!! We just got word that Gwen is singing ”So Far,So Pleased” onstage with Prince at the LA Forum RIGHT NOW!! We will have more photos and videos up as soon as they become available. Much congratulations to Gwen-we are SO thrilled for her that she is performing live with one of her idols!

EDIT-Gwen,wearing a polka-dot outfit,reportedly was pulled onstage by Prince,who gave her a mic and asked her to sing! How exciting!!!!
@molly_knight A very polka-dotted Gwen Stefani just hopped on stage to sing “So Far So Pleased.” Least shocked person here. I know Prince is her Jesus.
@NODOUBTNEWS Have it on video! Will secretly share! Dont worry

Sweet praise from Erin and Mieke!!
@thingsweheart Amazing stupendous job mama g @nodoubt. We love you!

@MrNelsonM i wanna see Prince again! Tonite he pulled Gwen Stefani to go on stage and gave her the mic and asked her to sing!

@Wendy_Young Look at these VIP seats! Gwen Stefani singing w/ #Prince tonight!

***UPDATE*** Gwen is reportedly singing a cover of Michael Jackson’s ”Don’t Stop Till U Get Enough” with Prince right now!! AMAZING!!! She had come back onstage to dance while Prince was singing his song,”Cool”.

@christinawrites Gwen Stefani is back for Don’t Stop Till U Get Enough!!

@christinawrites Gwen Stefani cannot believe this is actually happening. She is so effin cute!!

@drfunkenberry “Show ur Love for Gwen Stefani. Nikka Costa. Sheila E.”-Prince

EDIT-Thanks to Sublime0429,who was at the show,Gwen did NOT sing on the cover of ”Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”,as was previously reported by a couple of other fans at the show.She only danced around the stage as they transitioned from that song into ”Cool”.

***UPDATE 2*** Tom just tweeted this! Cannot imagaine the awesome time they must be having!

OMG the Prince show is so effing fun right now! Gwen and Sheila E both killed it! -Tom

Gwen is a Twitter trending topic in LA right now after her AMAZING performances with Prince!
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***UPDATE 3*** According to blogger DrFunkenberry,Gwen and the whole No Doubt band,as well as Gavin,Kirstie Alley and others came onstage during Prince’s performance of ”Jungle Love”!! What an INCREDIBLE night!!!!
@drfunkenberry During “Jungle Love” Gwen Gav entire No Doubt band, Kirstie Alley n others came on stage then “Love Bizzare..”

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@laarnid1 Rockin’ couple Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale dancing on stage #Prince


RT @molly_knight Prince played the 6th encore with the house lights fully up. Gwen Stefani + No Doubt, Gavin Rossdale, Kirstie Alley + others danced on stage

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