Gwen partnership with Andrea Lieberman featured in new book

Gwen’s partnership with Andrea Lieberman is being featured in a new book, Fashion+Music: Fashion Creatives Shaping Pop Culture written by journalist Katie Baron and it focus on the relation between music and fashion and artists like the Sex Pistols, Madonna to Lady Gaga and how fashion has helped our understanding of those artists, giving them context and helping the public to better understand their music.

The books looks into music videos to fashion editorials and studies the evolution of the music and fashion industry and and provides insight with people that work directly in the business, like stylists,  photographers, video directors, record label reps, hair & make-up artists, graphic designers and the artists themselves.

There’s a chapter dedicated to interview Andrea a long time collaborator of Gwen and she talks about the process of working with Gwen during her two solo albums, Love.Angel.Music.Baby.and The Sweet Escape.

cover   andrea

You buy the book directly at the publisher’s site at or both at $50.


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