Gwen on Racked’s List of 5 People We Hope Get Their Own Lines For MAC

It’s well-known how Gwen loves MAC cosmetics,especially the lipsticks,and now Racked has included Gwen on its wishlist of celebs they hope will one day get their own MAC lines. We couldn’t agree more-it would be a dream come true for Gwenabees everywhere!!

MAC’s collab strategy has been totally brilliant so far. The brand has always been about appealing to experts and superfans, so partnering with Daphne Guinness and Iris Apfel – people who may not be household names but who are megastars in the fashion world – was a great move. But who do we recommend for their next collab? A few suggestions:

Gwen Stefani
The success of her LAMB line has earned her legitimacy in the fashion world, and she expanded into beauty with Harajuku Lovers fragrances. But why not go all out and transfer her original beauty style to a MAC line? The red lipsticks alone would be worth it

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