Gwen Joining Prince Onstage Tonight??

WHOA,this would be so awesome! I personally am not a fan of Perez Hilton at all,but he just tweeted that sources told him that Gwen will be joining Prince onstage tonight during his concert at the LA Forum!(For anyone who may not know,Prince recently announced a 21-date residency at the LA Forum.) We will try to get some official confirmation of this and keep you posted-hope it is true!!

Sources tells me that Gwen Stefani is joining Prince on stage at his concert in L.A. tonight! Can’t wait to see him later this week!!!

P.S. Gwen’s gonna sing with Prince. Not one of the people he picks to dance with him. But, who knows, maybe she will dance too! Ha

**UPDATE** Just looked up Prince’s concert schedule-he apparantly isn’t scheduled to perform at the L.A. Forum again until April 21.At this point,I don’t know if Prince is playing some sort of secret show or if Perez is wrong(yet again). Sorry to everyone for any confusion.

**UPDATE 2** Perez Hiltion just deleted his tweets mentioning Gwen being onstage with Prince,so it evidently was a false rumor-what a bummer(and YET another reason to hate Perez,grrr!) Again,we apologize to everyone for the confusion.

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