G&G Spend Time with A Rescue Puppy

Thanks to a fan on Gwen’s official Facebook page for sharing,Gwen and Gavin spent some time with a rescue puppy over the weekend while they were enjoying family time at the Santa Monica Pier.It was so sweet of animal lovers G&G to take the time with that puppy,who thankfully will be going to a new home at an animal sanctuary. 😀

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Nino, a rescued puppy whose back legs were cut off by kids in Cancun, Mexico, with Gwen and Gavin 4/25/10 on Santa Monica Pier. Thank you Gwen and Gavin, for spending some time with this pup! He is on his way to Home For Life Sanctuary (www.homeforlife.org) and his rescuers in Cancun thank you (http://rescatemalix.org/) !!!

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