First Look: Gwen on April British Elle

As we reported earlier,Gwen had mentioned in a Fashion Week interview last month that she was shooting the cover of Elle Magazine.Now,according to The Fashion Spot forum,apparantly Gwen will be gracing the cover of the April issue of British Elle.The cover promises an inside look at Gwen’s world ”by her best friend”-perhaps Sophie Muller interviewed her? The subscribers’ version of the British Elle should be mailing out soon-if any fans in the UK get the magazine,please send in scans! No word yet on what other editions of the magazine Gwen will be on the cover of in other countries,but we will bring you the latest info as it is announced.In the meantime,check out a first look of her cover below-she looks stunning!!


UPDATE-Thanks to @supersonicpr for posting this pic of Gwen’s UK Elle cover-it looks like this might be the subscriber’s cover,and apparantly it will be out next week! We cannot wait to see the full cover and article!

@supersonicpr We love this Gwen cover of Elle out next week


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