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Gwen Stefani and LAMB making a repeat performance at New York Fashion Week
By Samantha Critchell (CP) – 51 minutes ago

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Gwen Stefani is putting on an encore for the fashion world.

Stefani and her LAMB collection return as a main event at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Thursday night after staging much smaller presentations in recent seasons.

There have been last-minute changes to the largely African tribal-inspired looks, and there is definitely some nervous energy running through her, she said, but putting on a runway show is something she really enjoys.

“I love doing a fashion show. It’s more dramatic, more theatrical. … It’s great,” Stefani said in an interview Wednesday.

Once it’s done — as she’s taking her bow — she is usually fighting off some tears. “I try not to cry. It’s not that I’m so happy or so sad, I think it’s just the natural release.”

She’s been doing concerts and other musical performances for so long that they no longer make her nervous, she explained. “With fashion, I’m now asking if I can play in your house, even though I didn’t grow up in your neighbourhood.”

Make no mistake, though: She’s no fashion novice. Other celebrities have come and gone, but Stefani has remained committed to LAMB, which retailers have said performs well when it comes to sales.

Stefani said she has spent the past two weeks in Canada working on the line. One of her favourite pieces of the season is a butterfly-print, scoop-neck dress that was born out of a scrap of fabric. Fashion is funny that way, she said, with ideas and inspiration coming from unexpected places.

But the tribal look is one she’s always wanted to tackle. “I’ve always wanted to do the tribal thing but it’s pretty hard to get right. I think we’ve got it.”

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