Fashion Meets Music:Gwen Stefani

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From MissOmniMedia:

I have been in a very 90s mood lately, and what better way to express that than with a send up to insanely fashionable 90s girl, Gwen Stefani. I know, I know, Stefani’s career is still alive and kicking in both the music and fashion industries however, it was her late 90s No Doubt incarnation that brought her into the limelight where she has stayed ever since.

Unlike another Fashion Meets Music icon full of blond ambition, Stefani’s look has evolved naturally as she has aged in the past decade or so, not as a means to further her career and stay relevant in an ever changing world. While she may have toyed with pink and blue hair, bindis, and braces, Stefani’s style hasn’t departed far from the Jean Harlow-esque make-up and West Coast aesthetic that she was known for when No Doubt’s first video hit MTV in the mid 90s. Like most of us she has experimented with different influences in her journey from girl to woman-from a Jamaican inspired color palate to the iconic make up of West Coast cholas -without which she would not have been able to claim her throne as one of Hollywood’s best dressed. The fact that she has been able to maintain her own personal style through years of personal and professional success without bowing down to the trend gods or deciding that at 30 she needed to dress for her age and not for her personality happens to be the thing that elevates her from a musician with style to a style icon. Never mind that she has two successful clothing lines, and got married in a custom gown by John Galliano, her unapologetic dedication to following her own style rules makes girls the world over look up to her.

In the end Stefani is who she is, whether she’s jumping around on stage with No Doubt, walking the red carpet with the Harajuku Girls in tow, or bringing Kingston and Zuma to a play date. She may have traded in her Gwen t-shirts, plaid pants, and Dr Martens, for Westwood, Galliano, and McQueen, but under all those labels she’s still just a girl from Orange County.

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