'Cool' on the Soundtrack of the Movie 'Somewhere'

From Exclaim.ca:

Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere Soundtrack Details Revealed
8/27/2010 By Josiah Hughes

With the filmography of Sofia Coppola, the soundtracks are just as exciting as the movies. In fact, some would argue that they’re the only redeeming value of otherwise shoddy filmmaking. After all, when you have the likes of Kevin Shields or baby daddy/Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars in the fold, it’s hard not to compile great soundtracks. For her upcoming feature, Somewhere, the accompanying music looks to maintain that quality control.

 While an interview with Mars earlier this year suggested Phoenix would be recording the bulk of the soundtrack, a tracklisting leaked on The Playlist suggests otherwise. The record does start and finish with different versions of Phoenix’s “Love Like a Sunset,” but in between those tracks is a widely diverse array of artists, including Foo Fighters, the Police, Amerie, T. Rex, Gwen Stefani, Sebastian Tellier and Bryan Ferry. Also in there is the Kiss track “Love Theme From Kiss,” which kick-started Phoenix’s Kitsuné Tabloid mix, and a demo of the Strokes’ “I’ll Try Anything Once.”

 The Playlist bloggers discovered this tracklisting through the Italian distributor for Somewhere. As such, the soundtrack does not have a release date yet, and some details are missing, including the reason Gwen Stefani’s “Cool” is on there twice. Outside of that, however, it looks like an eclectic and highly enjoyable mix.

Somewhere is due to hit theatres on December 22.

Somewhere OST:

1. Phoenix “Love Like a Sunset Part I”

2. William Storkson “Ghandi Fix”

3. Foo Fighters “My Hero”

4. The Police “So Lonely”

5. Amerie “1 Thing”

6. T.Rex “20th Century Boy”

7. Gwen Stefani “Cool”

8. Paolo Jannacci “Che si fa”

9. Gwen Stefani “Cool”

10. Romulo “Teddy Bear”

11. Kiss “Love Theme From Kiss”

12. The Strokes “I’ll Try Anything Once”

13. Sebastian Tellier “Look”

14. Bryan Ferry “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”

15. William Storkson “Massage Music”

16. Phoenix “Love Like A Sunset Part II”

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