Andrea Lieberman: Gwen is an ”Amazing Visionary”

In a new interview with Rolling Stone,Gwen’s friend and former stylist Andrea Lieberman,who now has her own fashion line,A.L.C., and is launching a jewelry line,praises Gwen as being an ”icon” and ”amazing visionary”. We couldn’t agree more!

Andrea Liebermann’s clothing line, ALC, provides a smart and versatile wardrobe for alpha-females – a demographic she’s well experienced in attiring. Known as one of music’s premier stylists, Liebermann gained fame dressing the likes of Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Shirley Manson and Mary J. Blige in some of their most memorable video, stage and red carpet moments.
Some of those relationships grew into even more collaborative roles – she helped Stefani launch clothing line L.A.M.B., and Manson ended up playing muse to Liebermann’s own line years later. Now with the launch of ALC’s Spring 2012 jewelry line, which features music-spiked staples like refined punk studs and brass, crystal-accented handcuffs, she’s ready to take her design endeavors to new heights.

Are you attracted to working with powerful women?
The people I’ve worked with are icons. Gwen is an amazing visionary; I haven’t had a hand in her projects for a long time, but I love what she does. I like to think we’ve all influenced each other in some way; sometimes one thing leads to another. I met Shirley Manson through Sophie Muller, who also worked with Gwen.

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