Adam Ant Again Praises No Doubt’s Cover of ”Stand and Deliver”

Last year we posted how Adam Ant praised No Doubt’s 2009 cover of his classic song,”Stand and Deliver.” Now he has complimented it again,telling British Weekly that he was happy to hear the cover,saying that it ”was rock and roll”.

You were the self-proclaimed Dandy Highwayman, and the leader of a post-punk generation. What do you think of music today?

There aren’t a great deal of bands that I listen to, and I think these days, most of the visual work is being done by the girls. You know, people like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Gwen Stefani. The women are paving the way and having a go. I was very happy when Gwen Stefani covered “ Stand and Deliver”. It was rock and roll.

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