DREAMCAR: Debut single out, mini tour and more news!

This has been a busy week for the boys! They went to Kroq on March 2nd to premier DREAMCAR’s 1st single, “Kill For Candy” and have announced their new album will be out on May 12 and they will be going on a mini tour.

Tunes – http://smarturl.it/KillForCandyiT
Apple Music – http://smarturl.it/KillForCandyAM
Spotify – http://smarturl.it/KillForCandySp
Lyric video – http://smarturl.it/KillForCandyVevo

The boys are also talking to media about their new project. Tony has sat down with Rolling Stone and says the new band “it’s like a rebirth, a really beautiful, pure and positive thing.” He also talks No Doubt saying the new band it’a not a reboot of the No Doubt and goes on to discuss their future:

I think it’s the kind of situation where you go through different phases. Right now Gwen’s focusing on her solo stuff, and we’re focusing on Dreamcar. No Doubt will always be there; we’ve experienced things together that no one else will ever experience with us. It’s a family that will always be there, and the music we’ve created will always be there. We’re just going through a period where everybody’s kind of doing their thing.

Adrian and Davey talked to Billboard on the new band, the new wave sound and touring. The reporter comments on DREAMCAR sound would also be nice for covers and if they plan to do those on their upcoming dates with Adrian adding he would love to cover Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” and Davey commenting:

I wouldn’t be surprised if we did covers. We’ve been talking about that. We all have similar influences, and covers are really fun for bands to play just in general, so I wouldn’t be surprised. We haven’t decided on any specifically. But also, as you pointed out, we’re playing these shows, Coachella and the shows we just announced. And they’ll only be familiar with one song, so it’d probably behoove us to play some songs that they are also familiar with.

We are beyond excited for the new sound and band!!! So happy for the boys and hoping the new single is a hit!

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