Seattle concert review

Gwen’s Seattle concert was very energetic and The Seattle times has already put out their review of her show. You can check their website for pictures of the show:

Gwen Stefani shares the ‘Truth’ with Seattle fans

Gwen Stefani performed one shimmering hit after another at KeyArena Wednesday, Aug. 24, echoing sentiments of gratitude to her fans in her songs.

By Alexa Peters
Special to The Seattle Times

Concert review
Gwen Stefani’s “This is What the Truth Feels Like” tour at KeyArena Wednesday (Aug. 24) lived up to its name. Though her show featured the typical menagerie of lights, dancers and bustled costumes, the depth of her honesty was surprising.

“I’ve got a big pile of love to share with you guys,” Stefani said, as she marched across the stage. “Do you know how healing it has been for me to share my story with all of you?”

At the micro level, this is the story of a year involving a divorce and a new relationship with fellow “Voice” coach Blake Shelton. At the macro level, however, it’s the story of the strong fan support Stefani has enjoyed over many years, and she expressed gratitude, echoing that sentiment in song.

“Obsessed,” a bubbly ditty about the infatuation of new love, paralleled an enthusiastic comment about how much she loves her fans.

“It’s so cool to actually see you, not just be on the internet,” she said.

She expressed special affection for Seattle, mentioning her love of its musical history and her own personal connections to the city. (Apparently, her former band No Doubt played an early gig here to just five people.)

“And now look at all of you!” she said. “I’m so thankful!”.

The show was one shimmering pop number after another with a crew of skilled dancers to underscore the excitement. Her versatile band was equally impressive, though the show’s persistently high energy and volume was a drawback. About three-quarters through, a ballad would have been welcome. Then again, many fans danced without pause.

The crowd appeared especially impassioned by the call and response of “Hollaback Girl” and the No Doubt classic “Just A Girl.” One of the most refreshing moments came when Stefani brought her opener, Eve, on stage to perform “Rich Girl” with her.

Stefani brought people up for special attention multiple times, including a fan who had seen 14 of her shows on this tour, a couple who flew 17 hours from Australia to catch this performance and a bandmate, for his birthday.

These moments of unrehearsed affection brought the music, and Stefani’s truth, into focus.

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