[Update] Isolated instruments from No Doubt’s songs up on YouTube

UPDATE! Sadly, YouTube took down all videos, due to copyright infringement, so we have removed all links.   YouTube user Joh Ph created a channel with tons of isolated intruments/vocals from different artists and he has added a several No Doubt songs. It’s very cool to hear each music element to

New Xmas merch added to No Doubt’s official store

Happy Xmas No Doubters!! The band’s official store just added a bunch of products for the holidays. They include Xmas tree ornament, mugs, gloves, a cute sweater, beanies, scarf AND a No Doubt wrapping paper. The store is also selling bundles: Scarf+Beanie, Sweater+Gloves+Mug and the Deluxe Winter Bundle (Sweater+gloves+beanie+mug+ornament), the last