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  • No Doubt was born in November 29th.
  • The band members were: Eric Stefani, Gwen Stefani and John Spence.
  • The idea for a band came from Eric. He was a ska fan and he spent hours and hours in the family’s piano trying to get the beats from songs he enjoyed. In his words “I couldn’t sing, she could” , refeering to his sister, Gwen. Then he convinced her to join him in a band and with John Spence, another ska fan, they created the band.
  • No Doubt started playing in some clubs and Tony Kanal was in the audience of one of the shows.
  • Days later, he was in the band.
  • Gwen and Tony began a relationship that year.
  • In late December, John Spence took his own life and the other band members were in total shock. He was only 18 years old.
  • No Doubt stopped for a certain period of time, but after many conversations between the band members, they decided John wouldn’t want them to stop.
  • Alan Meade was now the leading vocalist, while Gwen was the second vocalist.
  • Alan Meade left the band for personal problems and No Doubt looked for a new lead singer, but they didn’t find any, so Gwen was now the new lead singer of the band.
  • In the same year, Tom Dumont joined the band as the guitar player. Previously he played in a heavy metal band.
  • Chris Webb, the drummer left the band. Adrian Young, a No Doubt fan, lied to the band and got the job. He told them he played drums for 8 years til then,
    but he only had pleyed them for less than 2.
  • No Doubt’s first TV performance.
  • At that time, the band was: Gwen Stefani – Lead singer, Tom Dumont –Guitar, Tony Kanal – Bassist, Eric Stefani– Keyboard, Adrian Young – Drummer, Also a three piece big, horn section survived.
  • No Doubt signed with a record label called Interscope
  • In October they entered the stuio to record their first album.
  • Flea, from “Red Hot Chili Peppers” helped them with some demos.
  • In March No Doubt’s first album, “No Doubt” was released.
  • “Trapped in a Box” became the single of the record.
  • The radios didn’t play it at all.
  • In the summer of 1992 they recorded the video for the song.
  • They began a tour that year, going out of California as well.
  • Interscope and No Doubt were frustrated by the failure of the debut album, but No Doubt started to record new songs. Interscope didn’t want to release
    anything from No Doubt anymore, so they recorded the songs with their own money.
  • Tony and Gwen write a song about their love, “Stricken.”
  • Tony broke Gwen’s heart and ended up the relationship.
  • From Gwen’s pain, loads of incredible lyrics came out and they started to record more songs.
  • In the fall of this year, Eric Stefani left the band and Gwen was again in doubt.
  • In the spring of this year, Eric Stefani left the band and Gwen was again in doubt.
  • In March, No Doubt released their second album “The Beacon Street Collection”
  • Interscope was surprised with the band’s potential and all the problems were solved.
  • On October 10th, No Doubt’s third album (second one with Interscope) “Tragic Kingdom” was released.
  • The sales were still disappointing
  • They released the first single off the album, Just a Girl.
  • The song was very requested on the radio.
  • Just a Girl entered the top 10 in the Billboards
  • Gwen was now in love with Gavin Rossdale, Bush’s lead singer.
  • Spiderwebs was the 2nd single off Tragic Kingdom and reached #5 in Billboards.
  • Tragic Kingdom went double platinum.
  • Don’t Speak was the 3rd single off Tragic Kingdom.
  • In the end of the year, Don’t Speak went #1 on the Billboards and so did the album Tragic Kingdom.
  • In the spring, Don’t Speak and Tragic Kingdom were #1 in many countries of the world.
  • In June, No Doubt recorded their first official home video, “Live in the Tragic Kingdom”
  • No Doubt was in a world tour and released their next singles “Excuse Me, Mr.” and then “Sunday Morning”.
  • Tragic Kingdom went 8x platinum in the US and 14x platinum in the whole world.
  • No Doubt toured with the Vandals, another Orange County Based Band. They were asked to collaborate on a “Very Special Christmas 1997” so they did a cover of the Vandals, “Oi to the World”, and did a video for it while in India.
  • No Doubt started recording their 4th album after the 2 years Tragic Kingdom tour.
  • Glen Ballard was the album producer.
  • “New” was released in a movie soundtrack and a video for it was made.
  • Tragic Kingdom went 10x platinum in the US and went diamond.
  • No Doubt began a small US tour.
  • On April 11th, No Doubt’s 4th album, “Return of Saturn” was released.
  • Ex-Girlfriend was the first single.
  • Simple Kind of Life was the second single and only hit #33 on the billboards.
  • Bathwater was the third single and hit the top 100 in Germany.
  • No Doubt started to record their new album, in Jamaica, influenced by the dancehall music.
  • On December 11th, No Doubt’s fifth album, “Rock Steady”, was released:
  • Hey Baby, the first single off the album, became a huge world hit and reached #2 in the Billboards.
  • No Doubt complete 15 years of existence.
  • Rock Steady goes platinum
  • The second single off Rock Steady, “Hella Good” is released and it’s a big hit also.. it reached #5 in the Billboards.
  • No Doubt starts their arena tour.
  • “Underneath it All” is released as a single and became a huge hit … reached #1 in the Billboards.
  • Running was #66 on the billboards. And today has sold over 4 million worldwide.
  • In October, Rock Steady went 2x platinum.
  • No Doubt have been nominated for 3 Grammy awards – Best Pop Vocal Album for Rock Steady, Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal for “Hey Baby” and Best Dance Recording for “Hella Good”.
  • No Doubt would like to congratulate Nellee Hooper and Roger Sanchez for their Grammy nominations.
  • Nellee was nominated for the “Producer Of The Year” for the 5 tracks he produced with the band on Rock Steady (Hella Good, Detective, Running, In My Head and Rock Steady).
  • Roger was nominated for the remix he did of Hella Good in the “Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical” category.
  • No Doubt played on Superbowl’s half time show and Sting joined them after to perform “Message In a Bottle”.
  • Running is released as the new single.
  • No Doubt also played at the Grammys and won their first Grammy in the “Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal” category.
  • It’s My Life was recorded for the “Singles” album. It’s a cover by a band called “Talk Talk”.
  • It’s My Life was released as a single.
  • In November 25th, No Doubt released: The Boom Box (4 disc box including “Singles 1992-2003” (album with all the singles), “The Videos 1992-2003” (dvd with all the videos), “Everything in Time” (cd with b-sides, ratities and remixes) and “Live in the Tragic Kingdom” dvd (first time in dvd), the singles album “Singles 1992-2003” and the “Rock Steady live” dvd.
  • No Doubt performs “It’s my Life” in tv shows and music awards.
  • Underneath It All was nominated for a grammy in the “Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal” category.

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