Happy Birthday Adrian!

All of us here on EIT would like to wish our favorite naked drummer a Happy Birthday! He turns 45 today! Hope he has a blessed day with his beloved ones and we can’t wait to see him and No Doubt back in action! We love you Adrian!

Photo: Gwen shot from “Running” video

#GwenStefani of #NoDoubt by Dustin Jack #PlayInTheSandDay @gwenstefani @nodoubt pic.twitter.com/ooWxQ8GBWz — Rock Paper Photo (@RockPaperPhoto) August 11, 2014 Wow! Thanks to @RockPaperPhoto for sharing this stunning Gwen shot from the “Running” video! It’s really gorgeous! You can purchase this and other shots from their official wesbite!

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today’s our webmaster Amy’s Birthday!! We really hope she has an incredible day with her beloved ones! This picture was taken when Amy met No Doubt during the 2009 tour! We can’t thank her enough for all her work and dedication to the website!