Request: Rock Steady Live Audio


Per request I’m adding the audio of the Rock Steady Live dvd. Remember not to sell any material that we share here. They are only for the fans appreciation and promotional. If you feel damaged by this upload, please tell us and we’ll remove it right away.

Rock Steady Live

01 – Intro + Hella Good

02 – Sunday Morning

03 – Ex-Girlfriend

04 – Underneath It All

05 – Platinum Blonde Life

06 – Bathwater

07 – Don’t Let Me Down

08 – Magic’s In The Makeup

09 – Running

10 – In My Head

11 – New

12 – Simple Kind Of Life

13 – Just a Girl

14 – Hey Baby

15 – Rock Steady

16 – Spiderwebs

17 – Don’ t Speak

18 – Total Hate

19 – Excuse Me, Mr.

20 – Different People

21 – Trapped In a Box

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